Jackson Hole

Wyoming’s Jackson Hole is separated from Idaho’s Teton Valley by the Teton Pass whose 8341-foot elevation summit and TetonPass10 percent grades on each side were a challenge for the motorhome on our first visit two years ago. We’ve managed to find alternate routes to get to Tetonia in the motorhome but to get to Jackson and Grand Teton National Park you have to go over the pass. Good thing the car handles it just fine. Our first full day here was beautiful without a cloud in the sky which was the perfect opportunity to get over the pass and find the Moulten Barn that we’ve seen so many pictures of and take a few photos of our own. TAMoultenBarnI followed the directions I found online and when we arrived we discovered that there are two JohnMoultenBarn2Moulten barns – The T.A. Moulten barn and the John Moulten barn. Both are iconic and the subject of many photos and paintings.

SnakeRiverBrewingTapsAfter what would have been an expensive excursion back in the film days, we headed into Jackson to look for Snake River Brewing. SnakeRiverStoutAlthough we had low expectations since we were in a tourist town, the Zonker Stout that we both had was so good that we decided to go for broke and order food, too. SnakeRiverTacosThey did a great job on Karen’s pizza and the steak taco appetizer I had tasted great. I could have eaten three more of them.

It was several days later that we drove back to Jackson to try out the only other brewery in town that we’d heard about. ThaiMeUpThe name of the place is Thai Me Up and it’s a brewery and a Thai restaurant. Their online menu showed a couple of beers that we would probably like plus coconut shrimp and pad thai that had our interest. However, their first strike was the foul smell of several unbussed tables that we had to walk past to the bar. Strike two was that they were out of the two beers that we wanted to try and then there was the bad vibes SnakeRiverPizzaKaren got from her visit to the restroom. Strike three and we were out. We headed straight for the sure thing back at Snake River Brewing and stuck with our safe bets – Zonker Stout, pizza and steak tacos!

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