Teton Valley

StateLineRoadViewHere we are again in Tetonia, Idaho. With the additional towns of Driggs and Victor, the beautiful rolling hills and scenic wheat and potato farms, and the amazing views of the Teton mountains, this place has drawn us back for the third summer in a row.

So far, we’ve had really good burgers at The Brakeman American Grill, BrakemanBurgerFriesBigHoleBrisketoutstanding barbeque at Big Hole BBQ and good pizza at Wildlife Brewing. Did I mention there are two breweries in Victor? We really could live here.

WildlifeAmberAlesWildlife Brewing is a brew pub that does a great job with pizza and beer. On our first visit WildlifePizzawe stopped in just for the beer; Jackalope Amber Rye for Karen and Trophy Trout Stout for me. Later in the week, we came for dinner and we both had the amber to go along with Karen’s pizza and my stromboli.
GrandTetonBrewingAlesJust down the highway is Grand Teton Brewing Company. We sat on the front porch with a Teton Amber Ale for Karen and the Bitch Creek ESB for me, enjoying the mild weather and watching a couple of dogs chase a tennis ball. Not a bad way to relax.

It was on our way to try the barbeque at Big Hole in Victor that we passed this cupcake stand in Driggs. After thinking about it for maybe a half second, we turned right, CupcakeStandmade the block and picked out a couple of cupcakes that we would have for dessert. But since they only had a box that would hold six and since we wanted to help out two young entrepreneurs, we figured the best thing to do would be to pick out four more. You gotta support the local economy.

After work Thursday, and before the beer and pizza, we took a drive off the highway and outside Victor just to have a look at more of those farms and all the different views of the Tetons.WhiteBison2 We both did a double-take when we drove past what appeared to be a white buffalo in a small herd. After I found a place to turn around we went back to confirm our sighting. There were actually three white bison: a bull and a cow with her calf. Now that is a pretty rare sight!
Another rare sight occurred after the beer and pizza. We were heading home and decided at the last minute to turn east off the highway and drive toward the Tetons to see the varying views and homesites where we could imagine parking our motorhome or even building a house. Alta is another small town just across the border in Wyoming and we found the road to take us there to check it out. The main road is Ski Hill Road and it continues on up the mountain to the Grand Targhee Resort. Although the view of the mountains quickly disappeared we continued the climb up to the top just to see where it goes. Karen was relieved when we got there because she was able to find a restroom and then we started back down. We hadn’t gone very far when we made a curve and there was this little fellow standing on the side of the road. NoelFoundI might have thought it was a fox except for the dog tags I could see on her collar. I opened the car door and she came slowly walking up and let me pick her up and set her on Karen’s lap as I looked for a phone number on the tag. You could tell the poor thing was weary from an ordeal and her hair was full of twigs and leaves. Karen gave her some water as I called the number on the tag. A lady answered and I said, “Hi, did you lose your dog?”. There sure was one relieved owner on the other end of the phone and she told me where we could meet in town to return Noel to her family. NoelRescuedShe told us they had been out picking huckleberries and the dog got separated when the group they were with split up. But that was down here at the bottom of the mountain. We found her maybe two-thirds of the way up! She said they all looked for her for hours and she had prayed to God that she would make it to the road and someone would find her. Needless to say, Noel and her mama were quite happy to be reunited and we were happy to have participated in God’s answer to prayer.

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2 Responses to Teton Valley

  1. Sharon says:

    Wow – white bison – that is a rare sight! Awww so sweet about the dog!! That’s SO great that you guys could hook her back up with her family. Great job!! You totally deserve those cupcakes you do-gooders.

    • Karen says:

      Yes, we are do-gooders! 🙂 Ha ha. We had no choice, she needed us and we really think she is why we went up there that day. We had no intentions of going up there so late in the day and with the ski lift closed there was no reason for people to be going up there unless they were going to stay the night. So, we were happy to be an answer to her Moma’s prayers. Jake and Peggy were sure interested in her smell and wanted to know why there was another dog scent all over my lap…we suggested they have a treat.. Enough said.

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