TexasWelcomeWell, this is where we started this blog. We wouldn’t come within a hundred miles of Amarillo without stopping in at 575 Pizzeria. Of course, there isn’t anything within a hundred miles of Amarillo but that’s beside the point. OasisRVParkWe got a recommendation for the Oasis RV Park from Marty and Mary Ann, fellow Texans that we met in Victor, Idaho, back in July. Turned out to be a very good choice. We quickly got the motor home set up, got cleaned up and headed right over for pizza. It’s good to get there early, especially on a Saturday night. On tap this evening they had both New Belgium 1554 and Deschutes Black Butte Porter. Sept575PizzaSo, along with our delicious, best-pizza-ever, Karen chose the porter and I had the 1554. Karen worked hard explaining to every one of the staff how they need to tell the owner to open a 575 in Houston. If they did, we could live there!

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