Rio Rancho

PeggyGrassIt was only an overnight stop just north of Albuquerque. We even passed it by the first time and had to turn around in the Walmart parking lot. But the Stagecoach Stop RV Park was quite a relief for Peggy! Missed it with the camera but she actually did a happy-dance after her reunion with actual grass.TurtleMountainSamples

As I said, it was just overnight and we weren’t looking for much but what we found was the Turtle Mountain Brewing Company. We sampled their Red Rye, Pork & Brew Brown and Dark Knight Maduro Stout. There was nothing memorable about their brews but it just so happened that TurtleMountainOventhey have a great pizza oven and make a really good pizza. TurtleMountainQuesadillasTurtleMountainPizzaKnowing that we’d be in Amarillo the next day, feasting on 575 pizza, I opted for the quesadillas. Since Karen could eat pizza every day she ordered that. We were both very pleased with our meal. Peggy and Jake thought Rio Rancho was a great choice, too!

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