BarnBusThere is no pizza or beer in this update. This one’s all about The Bus. I made the purchase on June 30th and immediately drove it the 15 minutes to my brother Gary’s house where he so generously stored it in his pole barn for the duration of our trip. To understand just how noble this selfless act really was, consider this: My 38-year-old Volkswagen got the inside berth while Gary’s brand new tractor was parked outside. I love my brother! DrivingBusWell, our visit with Gary and Vanessa got cut short because he was on call that weekend and unfortunately he got called in to work just as we were all about to go have dinner. Bummer! At least I finally got to drive The Bus again although it was only eight miles to the RV park where we stayed. The next morning we were ready to move our three vehicles and ourselves down to Mansfield for a final night on the road and the chance to have dinner with daughter, Christina. TowDollyBusI got The Bus up on the tow dolly and off we went, with me driving the RV and Karen driving the car. About a mile down the road Karen called me and said there was smoke coming out of the back end of The Bus. I immediately stopped, got out to check it out and quickly determined what had happened. Some idiot (me) had instinctively set the parking brake after driving it up on the dolly and the left rear wheel was smoking hot! I released the brake and off we went again. However, we hadn’t gone very far when Karen called again to inform me that the right wheel was smoking now. Good grief! We stopped again at the Valero station we happened to be next to and eventually eased the rig into their driveway around back. I unloaded The Bus from the tow dolly and drove it around the block to see if everything was working okay, which it was. I45BusI assumed that the wheels were just still hot from the stupid brake but decided not to risk doing major damage by towing it two-down. Instead I called U-Haul and found an auto transport trailer to rent one-way home. I called Gary and he came with his Blazer (with a trailer hitch) and took our tow dolly to his house to store (outside, of course). Did I mention how I love my brother? We eventually got the car trailer and got The Bus loaded up but since it was so late and we wouldn’t be able to fit into the RV park all hooked up like this, we decided we’d better drive on past Mansfield and get on home, which we did.

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