Neumann’s German Bakery

NeumannsBakeryThis update is not about beer and it’s not about pizza. Instead, it’s about this great little German bakery, deli and market we found in Portland. Anytime I see or hear the words German and bakery together I’m instantly reminded of Kleinschmidt’s Bakery on West 7th Street in Fort Worth and the eclairs and German chocolate cakes my mother would buy there when I was a little kid. That bakery is long gone but I remember it well, right next door to the 7th Street movie theater. EclairsThis display immediately got my attention as Karen was searching for, then finding, the apple strudel. What a delight to the senses this place is! GermanBakeryBreads, eclairs, strudel, danish, cookies, cakes, pies … and then you walk in a little further and you see the deli with all sorts of cheeses, meats, wursts and brats! And the floor in front of the display GermanDelicases is lined with boxes of bottled German beer. Uh-oh, I wasn’t going to mention beer in this post, sorry. Oh well, we didn’t buy any of it with all of the craft breweries we have up here. Doh! I did it again, sorry. Karen saved her apple strudel for the next day’s breakfast but I ate my eclair right away. “I have to eat it now, I’ve seen it! If I want one for breakfast we can come back”, which we did! GriilledBratsOh, and the brats on the grill are outstanding! Karen is going to fry some potatoes to go with the next ones. Yum!

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