Alison Krauss & Union Station

While we were in Montana we discovered that Alison Krauss would be in concert at a venue only 90 miles from where we would be staying while we were in Portland. On the way to the concert, we found this wonderful little brew pub in White Salmon, Washington – Everybody’s Brewing. EverybodysViewThe first wonderful thing about this place is this view from the patio. It sure would be nice to have one of these in Houston! The next wonderful thing, of course, was beer. We both had the oatmeal stout which could easily qualify as the best beer so far (but we’ll keep trying). EverybodysStoutI thought the little taster glasses were pretty neat, too, and wouldn’t mind finding a set of those somewhere. The food choices on the menu were wonderful and so were the flatiron steak burrito and pulled pork nachos that we finally decided on. EverybodysNachosSince we were on our way to the concert we couldn’t linger so we’ll have to go back … soon!

The 6pm concert was an outdoors affair at the Maryhill Winery amphitheater near Goldendale, Washington. As fate would have it,HeatWave the heat wave finally caught up to the Pacific Northwest just in time for us. Although it was definitely hot, the lack of humidity made it a non-issue and the sun was soon behind the hill at our back leaving us in the much-cooler shade. While everyone else had tickets to see Alison Krauss, my ticket apparently was just to see the back of this guy’s head. HeadHe eventually left long enough for me to get this clip of Wild Bill Jones and Ron Block’s cool banjo lead. It turned out that having to park in the far-away remote parking lot and ride the shuttle (school bus) got us out of there quicker due to the bottleneck and logjam of cars and people attempting to exit at the same time.

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