Franklin Barbecue

The previous day’s rain had passed and although we got what we thought was an early start, it was about 10:30 before we arrived to join the line at Franklin Barbecue in Austin. The place doesn’t open until eleven and since the line starts forming around nine, you are usually guaranteed a wait of a couple of hours. FranklinsLine1FranklinsLine2But if you show up too late, chances are they will have sold out for the day. We were early enough to avoid that but with our place in line it was not certain that they would still have ribs since those sell out first. FranklinsSmokerThis day we came prepared with our folding chairs in the back of the car but you could also rent a chair for five bucks from the entrepreneur across the street. FranklinsFrontDoorI’m not sure if the smell of barbeque the whole time was a good thing or a bad thing but the time went by fairly quick, between the people watching and being kept busy with a downed server at work and the flurry of emails that generated. We eventually reached the front door and we knew that once inside the wait would only be another 30 minutes. It was 12:45 when we made it to the head of the line and ordered our two pounds of brisket and three ribs – yes! they still had some. Is it worth a two hour and fifteen minute wait for the world’s best barbeque? Well, today it was but more often than not, I think we’d opt for second best without the wait.

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