Flathead Lake

FlatheadLakeBrewingThis afternoon we took a little drive to check out the Flathead Lake Brewing Company in Woods Bay on Flathead Lake. The food was nothing special but the Espresso Porter and the Stout  were most excellent! FlatheadTapsSo good that we bought one of their growlers – the coolest growler ever! FlatheadGrowlersOnly problem was that our very favorite Espresso Porter is “limited availability” and they don’t fill growlers with it And the Stout, being nitrogen filled, would go flat too quick. However, the Painted Rock Porter is darn good, too, and since the growler price includes two fills we’ll have to come back!

Being this far up north (nearly to Canada) it sure stays light late. LateLightCheck out the photo below. This picture was taken at 9:45 pm. It sure confuses Jake and Peggy when they go for their last walk. If we stay much longer we may have to add some blackout shades in the bedroom!

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