Pisano’s Woodfired Pizza

PisanosPizzaOvenNow we’ve done it.
We went and found another reason why we could live here (in Bend, Oregon). What we found was Pisano’s Woodfired Pizza and what a great find it was! Admittedly, it was an odd time of day to go (Sunday mid-afternoon), they are way out on the edge of town and difficult to find the turn until you’ve done it, but being the only customers there was a bit of a concern. However, our optimism grew when we saw that oven. Karen stuck with the usual pepperoni but there was nothing usual about it. I was a little adventurous and ordered thePisanosPepperoni2PisanosExtremeBBQHawaiian2 Extreme BBQ Hawaiian. I got concerned again as I watched the pizza being made with all the BBQ sauce that was put on, PisanosEdBarbeaubut the BBQ flavor was not over-bearing at all and the blend of flavors was absolutely amazing and complimented the perfect crust wonderfully well. The next time we went we ordered the same thing and had the pleasure to meet the owner, Ed Barbeau. Ed told us about the special ingredients he uses and the awards his pizzas have won in competitions. We think his pizzas speak for themselves – they’ve certainly won us over. I think Ed is a bit of a character, too. Karen was talking marketing with him and she mentioned that if he sold Pisano’s T-shirts she would be wearing one around town. He promptly took his shirt right off his back and gave it to her. 😯 Good thing he had a spare shirt in the back!

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4 Responses to Pisano’s Woodfired Pizza

  1. Sharon says:

    Ok, now men are stripping for you? Did you give him a dollar? I had a man come over tonight. He is still here. Fixing the airconditioner.

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  2. Karen says:

    The shirt came off real fast! I’d love to have a picture of our faces when he did that because I have no idea what we looked like…stunned, surprised, shocked or embarrassed. There was no time to even consider giving him a dollar before he left to retrieve his other shirt. Now I have to do a load of wash so I can keep my promise to wear one if I had one. David may have to wear it. Ed is a character for sure. He even gives pizza making classes so we might have to return for that, if we install a pizza oven out back. The pizza was outstanding and I’m pretty sure David will not object to a return visit or two before we head over to Portland on the first of August. We could live here part time. Texas is just too real to not be there most of the time.

  3. Gail says:

    Pizza looks and sounds really good. Not sure about the one you had, David. I tend to be a traditionalist when it comes to pizza!! I would taste it, though. Keep eating and drinking!!

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