Never On Sunday

If you have followed our blog much, you probably know that when we head north we always plan an overnight stop in Amarillo so that we can indulge in one of our favorite pizzas at 575 Pizzeria. I have written about it so often that at times during the six-hour drive from Mansfield I contemplated what I could possibly write about their pizza again. I mean, it’s a really good pizza, and they seem to always have a couple of really good craft beers on tap, and I’ll post another pizza picture … not very interesting, I think.

However, after getting to our Oasis RV Resort spot, getting all hooked up and settled in, and just starting to think about getting cleaned up and heading over, Karen takes a look at their web site and discovers … they are not open on Sundays … and it is Sunday. doh

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4 Responses to Never On Sunday

  1. Sharon says:

    No! Not a cliffhanger…….Holy moley man…. what did you do!? You spent the night, right? So you could have it for lunch the next day? Or did this lead you to eat somewhere else and then you are going to tell us how it was fate and you made some new exciting discovery?? I – must – know.

  2. Lisa says:

    Oh man!!! Sorry to hear that! Just go for breakfast tomorrow

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