Johnson City

We’re on a quick trip to the Texas Hill Country, taking advantage of a few days off work and needing to be in Austin on Saturday for my step-brother’s wedding. There are a couple of RV parks just outside of Dripping Springs but they were both full so we ended up a few more miles away at Miller Creek RV Park near Johnson City. PecanStreetPorterRedThis is actually a good thing because it puts us real close to a great little brew pub in town, Pecan Street Brewing. We have been there a few times since we discovered it a couple of years ago. Their beers have always been exceptionally good and our favorite is probably the No! You’re Out of Order Porter. This night, though, I started with the Road Devil Red Ale which I thought was excellent – just the right amount of hops for a red ale. For round two, we both had the porter. This just might be the perfect porter! Pecan Street is also a restaurant and they have a real nice brick pizza oven. On our first couple of visits, back when, we thought the pizza was outstanding with a thin, crispy crust and just the right amount of toppings. The last few times, though, have been quite disappointing. Either the crust was too thick and chewy or it was overloaded with cheese or both. ChickenFriedSteakPecanStreetPizzaKaren was willing to give the pizza one more try but I had already determined that the first good ones were just a fluke. Turns out I was right about that and I enjoyed my chicken fried steak a lot more than Karen liked her thin-crust-but-overloaded-with-sauce-and-cheese pizza.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Overloaded with cheese…. hmmm is that possible? 😉 My first cheat of the vacation happened tonight with a small bit of toasted coconut custard aged to a fine 4.5 months in our freezer. Tomorrow I just have to get thru half a day of work. Enjoy the weather and your time in the hill country.

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