Home Again, Home Again

After 100 days,  4790 miles, 7 states, 141 VW buses, 71 breweries and 2 new tow dolly rims, we made it back to our home in Friendswood. SummerRVMap2This last leg of our summer trip started out great. The sky was clear, the air was cool and we had a passenger for the ride home. Our daughter-in-law, Becky, had come up earlier in the week to help her daughter, our granddaughter, Kelsey, after her ankle surgery and now she needed to get back home so we got to enjoy her company for what should have been a five-hour trip. About half-way home, just past Centerville, I noticed in my side mirror that the driver-side tow dolly tire looked pretty low so I took the next exit to check it out. TowDollyFlatSure enough, what should have read 50 psi was only 22 pounds. I aired it back up but I was pretty sure I knew what was going on. Just like the other tow dolly tire back in Amarillo, the rim had failed and we were going to need a new one. While we continued south on Interstate 45, Karen found a tire shop in Madisonville, just a few more miles down the highway. They were able to pull the tire and confirm that, indeed, it was the rim that was leaking but they didn’t have a 14″ rim and, in fact, they were about to close as it was noon on Saturday. TowDollyInstallOur best option was to keep airing the tire up and continue on to Discount Tire in Huntsville, 26 more miles down the interstate. We stopped at the rest area just outside of Huntville and aired up the tire one more time before arriving at Discount Tire. It sure is handy having the built-in air compressor in the motor home! Karen had called ahead to make sure they had the rim in stock and to get us on their schedule in order to minimize our wait time. It wasn’t too long before they got the tire mounted on a new rim and we continued on our way. One of our goals with our summer excursions is to avoid the summer heat and we seem to have accomplished that with the temperature at 77 when we arrived home. Because of the great job Karen did emptying drawers, closets and the pantry and pre-packing all our stuff before we took off that morning, we got the motor home unloaded in record time and were soon enjoying being home again.

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1 Response to Home Again, Home Again

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m going to send you a recipe for Chicken Queso just in case you haven’t tried it yet. Welcome back!

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