Million Dollar Highway

Warning  Truckers
We can’t say we weren’t warned, but warnings weren’t really necessary since we have traveled this road before. But that was last year and in the car. Plus, I drove this road 35 years ago with our family of six in a 1968 VW bus. This time, though, we would be driving the 40-foot motor home and towing the car. We had a few self-imposed rules to make sure the drive went smooth: only go in good weather, keep all ten tires on the pavement at all times, and Karen’s special rule – go SLOW.
Driving  DropOff
The first twelve miles of U.S. Highway 550 from Ouray to Silverton take you to the summit at Red Mountain Pass, elevation 11,018 feet. It is this section that gives the Million Dollar Highway it’s name. There are two legends about the name. One is that it cost a million dollars a mile to build in the 1920s, and two is that its fill dirt contains a million dollars in gold ore.
RedMountainPass  MillionDollarHighway
BlindCurve  CurveView
NiceView  MountainView
I am told that the scenery is really amazing and beautiful but honestly, all I recall seeing is yellow stripes on the left and white stripes on the right.

Million Dollar Highway Photo Album (click to view)

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2 Responses to Million Dollar Highway

  1. sharon says:

    Omgosh Karen, did u have a stroke? I can see how that road could cause some anxiety! The view is so beautiful tho. I’m sure David did a great job at driving safely too.

  2. Karen says:

    David did do a great job driving. There was no time for him to glance around ad if he did then I’d have cried out “watch the road please” and “GO SLOWER”… He didn’t want to hear either.(after our accidental trip up MtEvans) Prayer helped and I tried to only look up! The pictures do not begin to show the beauty of the San Juan Mountains and there aren’t enough pictures of the various views for you guys to have a good idea of their beauty. There are not enough pull overs or lookout spots to really enjoy the scenery. I guess you’d have to go many times to enjoy it to the fullest and take turns driving… I won’t be driving so we’d have to bring a trusted friend to drive….hint…hint…

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