60+ VW Buses

ManyBaysWhen we found out there was going to be a VW show in Evergreen on the Sunday we were planning to leave Golden and head up to Fort Collins, we extended our stay at the Dakota Ridge RV park one more day. The day came and we drove the 15 miles to Evergreen and followed the “VW Show” signs to Evergreen Lake. There was only remote parking available and we shared the shuttle with a couple and their two young girls. Both Karen and I had our cameras with batteries fully charged and anticipated many buses. TexasVWClassicWe were not disappointed. Karen was wearing her Texas VW Classic t-shirt from the Fredericksburg show we had our bus in back in April and the lady at the first bus in this show noticed it and told us that they had their bus in Fredericksburg, too. ManyBusesThere were a lot of VWs of all sorts but I was mainly interested in the buses, of course, and I think I got a picture of every one of them: 27 bay windows and 34 split windows. I don’t count the Vanagons – they’re vans, not buses. After about an hour of photographing and admiring the classic VWs, many of which had been meticulously restored, the clouds began to gather and we figured it was time to catch the shuttle back to the car. Coincidentally, we lined up for the shuttle right behind the same family we shared the ride with to the show. TommyknockersTapsIdaho Springs was only another 15 miles away and we knew there was a brew pub there because we had one of their beers at a restaurant in Golden last week. TommyknockersIt made sense to us to go try out Tommyknocker Brewery & Pub for lunch. After tasting a couple of samples Karen chose the Maple Nut Brown and I had their Butt Head Bock. The beers were very good but the brat I had and the burger Karen had were nothing to get excited about. ArvadaPorterAfter going back home to let the dogs out we decided we could handle another beer or two so we drove over to Arvada Beer Company in Arvada. In spite of a big crowd and closed off street for some blues and bbq benefit event, we ArvadaTapsfound a decent parking space and walked a couple of blocks to the brewery. Their Pool Hall Porter was a little weak in body but tasted okay. One was plenty so we drove on to a new brewery in Arvada, Odyssey Beerwerks. I asked the fellow behind the bar how long they’d been around and he told us, “seven weeks”. OdysseySamplesThe sample tastes we had of four of their contenders did not make the choice easy – they were all quite good. OdysseyBeersKaren ended up with the Psycho Penguin Vanilla Porter and I went with the Nebula Belgian Black Double IPA. I also had a Kalua pork wrap from the food truck out front. I would have preferred it on a bun but it was wrapped in a crepe and was very tasty. Karen was considering it but then another patron at the bar mentioned that he had just come from Cannonball Creek Brewery in Golden and the Texorado food truck was there. So back we went to Golden and the opportunity for not only good brisket for a third time, but also the chance that we might get to actually try Cannonball’s Brickyard Porter (we got two of their stouts last time, remember?). Karen also got the CannonballCreek2opportunity to tell the Texorado guy how his brisket would be better if he trimmed more fat off of it. He told her that she would like the brisket he had today as it was much leaner. It sure did look good as he sliced it for her sandwich, so I ordered one, too. Unfortunately, it was as dry and tough as it was lean but the porter was excellent and that made the effort worthwhile.

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