Bristol Brewing Company

A couple of years ago, when stopping in Colorado Springs just for the night, we discovered the Bristol Brewing Company due to it’s adjacent proximity to the Edelweiss German Restaurant. So, on our way back to the motor home we stopped by for a pint but the door was locked and it appeared to be gone. With the hope that they’ve just moved to a new location I looked up their number and gave them a call. I was relieved when they answered on the first ring and told me they had moved just last month to the school building across the street and down one block.
Sure enough, across the street and down one block was what was the Ivywild School, an old elementary school that they’ve renovated and turned into a brewery, pub, deli and bakery – a pretty cool use of an old school building, indeed! There being no porters or stouts in their current line-up, we shared a pint of their Red Rocket Pale Ale. It was a beautiful amber color, a little more hoppy than malty, but well-balanced with a crisp finish.
We both had fleeting thoughts about stopping at another brew pub just down the street from our RV park but the tired took over quickly and we headed home and called it a (long) day.

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