575 Pizzeria

575 PizzeriaWe had our most very favorite pizza tonight so we must be back in Amarillo. We didn’t want to have to wait any longer to find out if it was as good as we remembered so we made it a point to arrive early. The first thing I noticed as we walked to our table was that I would have to make a decision about which beer to choose. I saw both Deschutes Obsidian Stout and New Belgium 1554 tap handles behind the bar. Since my first question to our waiter was, “is that Obsidian Stout on nitro?” and he answered that indeed it was, we both ordered one which got our visit off to a great start.575TapHandles We have enough experience at this place to know that it won’t be possible to share a single pizza so Karen ordered her pepperoni and mushroom, well done, and I ordered mine with bacon, pepperoni and roasted red peppers, also well done. The result was outstanding as usual and we will definitely be looking forward to doing it again on the return trip. 575Pizza2 After the pizza, I couldn’t get my mind off the 1554 that I hadn’t order earlier, so just to be fair I had one of them, too. We really enjoyed our conversations with the locals seated at the tables on either side of ours and with management and the staff. Karen made the usual request for them to open up a location near Friendswood but I suspect we will have to continue routing our travels through Amarillo for the foreseeable future. And I have no problem with that.

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