Maybe it’s because we’ve only over-nighted here a couple of times or maybe it’s because we had just left beautiful Bend, Oregon, and it’s an unfair comparison, but we are less than impressed with Boise. It could also be that there are few RV park options here and the one we took is hot, dusty and not well-maintained. Pizzalchik2Pizzalchik1However, our goal in Boise was to eat the pizza at Pizzalchik, a place that we’ve seen on Food Network a couple of times including Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. This restaurant could have been anywhere in Boise but the neatest thing about our RV park was that it was less than one mile away. Being hot, tired and hungry that helped a lot! The pizza was very good but got no help from the crust which was a little too thick and heavy for our tastes, but the sauce and the cheese made up for that extremely well.

There are several brew pubs in town and we decided if there was one close by we’d try it out, otherwise we were done for the day. A quick check on Google maps found Sockeye Grill & Brewery 2.5 miles away and since it was in the opposite direction from the RV park, that put it only 1.5 miles from home – perfect! SockeyeSampleSockeyeBrewingPorterWe sampled their Powerhouse Porter and since everything else was either too light or too hoppy it was an easy choice.

Next stop is back to Sandy, Utah, and Los Cucos – only six hours away!

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