Los Cucos

Our favorite restaurant back home is the local Tex-Mex chain, Los Cucos. We go there so often that we’ve gotten to know our waiter, José, and the head chef, Miguel, pretty well.  LosCucosOn our last visit José mentioned that they’ve opened up a new restaurant in … Sandy, Utah. Really? Well, in spite of the fact that we brought several quarts of their red salsa (the best in the entire world, by the way) frozen and vacuum-sealed with us, we couldn’t help but route ourselves through Sandy, Utah, on our way to Idaho. So, would it be as good as our Los Cucos in Pearland? KarenLosCucosLet me tell you, the people in the greater Salt Lake City area don’t know how lucky they are to have a great Tex-Mex restaurant available.  Or, maybe they do. We got there at 5:30 and there was quite a crowd and a waiting list. We also took home another quart of that fabulous salsa.

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