Santa Fe – part 2

After a day of work, we were ready for something good to eat.  A search of our favorite internet sites for such things, Yelp and Flavortown USA, suggested we try something very different – the Tune-up Cafe.  We both had their specialty – El Salvador Pupusas.  Great choice!  If Pupusaswe had room in the freezer we would have been tempted to keep the chef busy for awhile preparing our to-go order.
Instead, we headed to the Santa Fe Plaza to search for the Marble Brewery Tap Room.  But Karen’s cupcake detector led us to Dream Cakes Gourmet Cupcakes where we were rewarded once again. CupcakeWe eventually found the tap room and enjoyed one of their oatmeal stouts from the second floor balcony overlooking the plaza.
That was yesterday.  Today we went to the art galleries on Canyon Road, didn’t see much interesting and let the rain motivate us back to the car pretty quick.  Yelp came through again, though,  with the recommended Bobcat Bite.  We both had the Bacon Green Chile Cheeseburger.   Take a look – this thing is HUGE (10 oz. patty)!  Bobcat1 It was as tasty as it was big.  We both thought that we’d be bringing some leftover burger home for Jake and Peggy.  They were sure disappointed.  There was one more microbrewery in town to try so we made our way over to the Santa Fe Railyard for a pint at Second Street Brewery.  After a taste of a couple of different bitters, a porter and a stout we both chose the Cream Stout.  There must be something about Santa Fe stouts because we’ve both selected that over the rest except for the brown ale that Karen had at Santa Fe Brewing.
We spent the rest of the afternoon on a drive up the mountain to Hyde Memorial State Park where, with the occasional rain, we saw temps as low as 50 degrees.  Now that’s pretty cool for July!

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